This website provides tools and resources to facilitate mapping and gis intiatives as well as data sharing for the Sandhills region. These resources can be used by local and regional planners as well as gis professionals to improve decision making and better assess the impacts of projects region wide.

The data maintained at this site supports the efforts of various regional organizations. Examples include:

  • Regional Land Use Advisory Commission and its Joint Land Use Studies (RLUAC)
  • North Carolina Sandhills Conservation Partnership
  • Sustainable Sandhills and its sustainable growth initiative
  • North Carolina Department of Commerce

The Sandhills spatial database originally covered the six counties surrounding the Fort Bragg Military Reservation. Now data is being collected to cover an eleven county region.


Mid Carolina Council of Governments

(MCCOG) is the state-designated lead regional organization for Cumberland, Harnett, and Sampson Counties. Mid-Carolina is one of the seventeen North Carolina Regional Councils formed to provide a wide variety of programs and services to their local governments and citizens. The MCCOG provides technical assistance services to it's member governments including land use planning, zoning administration, subdivision and zoning ordinances, water and sewer studies, annexation reviews, and community development workshops on timely issues.

Sustainable Sandhills

Sustainable Sandhills is a nonprofit organization with a focus in the eight county region surrounding Fort Bragg. This region contains the entire Sandhills Longleaf Pine Ecosystem, one of the 21 most endangered ecosystems in the world. We are committed to raising awareness of not only our environment, but also our economy and quality of life through programs ranging from recycling to green business to eco-tourism. Our programs engage both governmental and non-governmental organizations, the military, and most importantly, the residents and businesses of the region in a grassroots effort for a more Sustainable Sandhills.

Regional Land Use Advisory Commission

Within an eight county region surrounding Fort Bragg, RLUAC brings together eight counties, fourteen municipalities and the military to:

  • To promote a regional perspective on land use and environmental issues of mutual concern to the adjacent local communities and the military installations.
  • To provide a forum for discussing noise and accident potential problems relating to land use and to deliberate and develop mitigation actions.
  • To foster compatible land uses impacted by civilian and military areas.

North Carolina Department of Commerce

This effort is supported by the Department of Commerce's Labor and Economic Analysis Division.

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